lunes, marzo 28, 2011

Bilingual Balls

I’m a big ass fat fucking stoner.

Time to face it, me frrrrriends: when that director guy from my charcoal commercial told me I looked like Sth Rogen, he weas right. I wanted to punch him in the fuckin face right there; fucking faggot!

But I’m ranting. You may not believe I’m high irght now because I’ve been very careful with my typing since this is in anglais.

So, it’s been a while since I’ve wanted to do an english language stoner stories and the thoguht that opens this thign that I’m wirting just jump started it.

By now I’m getting alittle itty-bitty high. Mínimamente doré, I could say. Hence the typos and brain jumps, but of course mah deah.

Last time I was at Colin’s (the crazy Briton) I tried to remember my scottish and Irish accent, to no avail. As all the present brits laughed, C told me, “you started out as an irish drunk and ended up as a pakistani taxi driver”. Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit 8as that character for The Wire would say). They were right.

So I’m a big ass fat fucking stoner who looks like seth rogen and has an irish/pakistani accent.

And by now I’m OFICIALLY recontra high. So, Historias Fumadas afuera!

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